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Safehip (Protectors)

SafeHip - The Hip Protector

Approved by the Veteran Affairs & Selected Health Funds Comfort in Everyday Life

With Safehip - The Hip Protector it is possible to avoid the constant fear of falling, and move about safely and freely. Safehip - The Hip Protector with sewn in shields is a pair of pants made of cotton that can be both machine-washed and tumble dried. The shields are specially sewn into the pants to ensure that they stay in the correct position. Research has shown that the sewn in shields provide the easiest and most secure form of hip protection.

Safehip Comfortably Fits Into Place

Safehip - The Hip Protector

  • Protects against a fracture of the hip during a fall or impact to the hip
  • Is discrete and easy to use
  • Unique horse shoe design
  • Provides optimal conformity to the body
  • Fully breathable fabric
  • Cool to wear
  • Is designed to accomodate sanitary towels and incontenence pads
  • Lends comfort to the user

The shields will dissipate the impact in the event of a fall as the shields are positioned to cover the neck of the femur. They are made of unique, patented AirX spacer fabric, making it fully breathable. Safehip - The Hip Protector functions like a crash helmet by dispersing and absorbing the blow to larger contact surface. Clinical studies have shown that Safehip - The Hip Protector - reduces the amount of hip fractures that are a result of a fall or a direct blow to the hip. Safehip recommends that Safehip - The Hip Protector with removable shields should not be applied by people with a cerebral impairment or with limited hand mobility

Safehip Lends Comfort - And is effective

Clinical studies throughout the world* among nursing home residents and home dwellers prove that Safehip - The Hip Protector reduces the number of hip fractures by up to 75%. At the same time the wearers feel more comfortable and mobile in their everyday life. * Hinds; K. Lauritzen JB. Osteoporosis International 1998; 8: 119.

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Functional status of 120 patients hospitalised with hip fractures*

Prior to fracture (%)
After 6 months (%)
Dress themselves
Stand up withoutassistance 
Walk without assistance
Walk up and down stairs
Walk 900 meters

* Professor Martholi (JAGS 1992; 40:861-866)


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