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Pressure Care and Support Products

Mattresses(M) / Overlays(O)

Funke Mattress-evacuation function

  • Hyperelastic HR-foam core with longitudinal & diagonal intersections
  • Three-layered
  • Ventilation system provides ideal microclimate
  • Optimum pressure relief & minimum shear forces (below 18mm Hg pressure)
  • PU-Tex cover removable & washable up to 95 degrees C ( autoclavable + disinfectant-proof)
  • Permeable to water vapour
  • Flame retardant according to DIN EN 597/CRIB 5
  • Applicable for pain therapy
  • Firm edges provide stability
  • Evacuation function  - remove client quickly to safety without need  to reposition:
  1. safety belts with quick release buckle
  2. special sliding material on base
  3. stairway evacuation possible
  4. stabilisation with peripheral reinforcement
  5. rescue handles on cover
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