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Patient Handling and Lifting Equipment

Patient Hoists / Transfer

ReTurn 7500

  • Assistance device for transferring patients capable of utilising own capacity.
  • No electrical components.
  • Patient's own capacity is - and must be - utilized
  • Used in sit-to-stand & transfer situations
  • Individual(client) professional assessment required before use


  • Patient uses own natural movements in rising
  • Knee supports height-adjustable
  • Portable - 2 sections
  • Total Weight 16Kg
  • "Raising Ladder" for gripping
  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Base plate low - greater stability
  • Step up 4cm
  • Foot markers on base plate



  • Used for sit-to-stand, transfer, walk-training
  • Support & stability
  • Fits around patient's hips
  • Sturdy handles
  • Available in Small, Medum, Large
  • Strongly advised as complementary to routine use of ReTurn 7500
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