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Mobility - Manual

Vehicle Access Aids

Translide System

Used to transfer client, who can weight-bear, from a wheelchair to the seat of a vehicle

  • Useful in helping position a client, or to help a client position themselves in a vehicle
  • Can be used for normal chair and bed transfer and positioning
  • Low profile

Key Features

  • Smooth slippery underside of pad and top cover of mat, ensures ease of manoeuvrability to desired position
  • Miracle Grip on top of pad and underside of mat to help prevent slipping
  • Able to manoeuvre in a side to side, front to back and rotationally, to ensure exact positioning
  • Soft foam construction provides comfort for client
  • Top pad incorporates side handles to aid in stand transfer and positioning
  • Rear strap on both parts to twist and secure at rear of seat/chair
  • Mat and Pad are washable (medium wash , drip dry)

Moving the client

From wheelchair to vehicle

  1. Place mat (Large) onto the required seat in the vehicle, with rounded end towards back of seat
  2. Prior to client sitting in wheelchair, place two handled seat pad in wheelchair with smooth side down, and rounded end of pad towards back of chair seat
  3. When client is sitting on pad in wheelchair proceed to side of vehicle, open vehicle door
  4. With wheelchair in appropriate position, stand transfer client using the pad to aid in standing. Move to edge of the vehicle seat, sit the client down (remaining on two handled pad) on top of the mat ensuring locking strap is not under the client
  5. Slide client back into seat, lifting legs and placing them into the vehicle; the client will turn/slide on the two mats
  6. Once client is comfortable, the two mats can be secured behind car seat
  7. Firstly twist the top pad strap around the bottom strap, then pass each strap around either side of the back of the seat. Do up clip and adjust strap to fit firmly around the seat
  8. Secure client with car seat belt
  9. To exit vehicle reverse procedure
  10. DO NOT secure locking straps around client

Client not needing wheelchair

  1. If client does not need wheelchair assistance to get to car, place top pad at 90 degree angle to bottom pad. Client can now sit on pad (should have handle either side) and slide back into seat. Follow instructions from 5 above
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