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Decpac-Edge Barrier Limiter Range

  • Ideal in situations where permanent ramp impractical
  • Easily transportable as light, single folded unit
  • Multi-paneled, hinged design
  • Concertina folding allows for smaller packing width when folded
  • Can confom to differing surface angles because of webbing hinge system
  • Added security of a safety edge/barrier
  • Range of sizes (see  Specs) allows access to heights of 225 - 1000mm
  • SWL 300 kg
  • Complies with Australian Standards AS3856-1
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MODELDimensions(mm)Wt.(Kg)Max. Ht(mm)
2GEBL900P900(L), 820(W)7225  
 2GELBL12P  1200(L), 820(W)  10  300
2GEBL135P    1350(L), 820(W)  12  340
2GEBL165P  1650(L), 820(W)    14412  
2CEBL2P    2000(L), 820(W)  17  500
2CELB25P    2500(L), 820(W)  19625  


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