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Assistive Device


Wide Angle, High Precision Accessibility Device. With GlassOuse it is possible to  connect with most Bluetooth devices,
Android devices (Mobile phone, Tablet PC, TV), Windows devices (Mobile phone, Tablet PC, TV, PC), Linux devices (Tablet PC, PC), Apple Mac(PC)

Smart Battery -Enters sleep mode and wakes up quickly.

Sensitivity Adjustment - 3 different sensitivity options to catch every movements

Quick Response Time - Takes less than a second to type a character 

Wide Compatibility - Compatible with mobile systems such as Android, Windows, Linux, and Smart TV

Wide Viewing Angle -160 degrees vertical and 180 degrees horizontal angle precision. Involves 9 Axis gyroscope.

Ergonomic & lightweight -Weights only 50 grams. Designed to provide more efficiency and comfort

Anticarcinogenic & hygienic - Private use mouthpiece is hygienic. Materials used are non-carcinogenic and have CE and RoHS certification.

High Compatibility -Compatible with all Windows, Android, Linux, and Smart TV devices via Bluetooth

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